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Bali offers too many interesting places to visit. You need at least to do 3 or 4 sightseeing tours during your holiday to get the main highlight of Bali. Joining normal day sightseeing tour conducted by a tour guide and local driver mostly has a fixed route and time to be followed. You can not stop anywhere you like. If you wish to visit all the destination on your own way, you perhaps need to rent a car. It is more enjoyable also to find such beautiful places in your own discovery.

Bali is one of the 29 provinces of Indonesia and having 9 districts which is based on the former kingdom in Bali before the indepence of Indonesian Republic. Basically the island can be devided into 2 big parts by range of mountains stretched out from east to the west. North side of the island consisted of 1 Regency of Buleleng with the city called Singaraja and South part of Bali is consisted of 8 regencies :


Bali Map


Bali island is physically more like a chicken with egg. The west part of island is the mouth where all things and good are supplied from (Java island). The Southside where Badung Regency and Denpasar located are the most fertile area place to many millionaire staying just like the chicken. On the eastside is where the things are out from the body. This is the harbour of Padang Bay located. On the north east side of the island is the back of the chicken where only a little meat we can find as in fact this area is a quite dry. While the egg Nusa Lembongan island is like a future island to continue the chicken life. Here the natural resources are still preserved such us the white sandy beach, underwater beautiful view are paradise for many visitors.



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